Years of research and development, coupled with engineering ingenuity and creative thinking, have resulted in a range of innovative processes, automated systems, and unique machinery. Known for its dedicated service and customer support, Juran excels at turning its innovations into customized solutions that streamline operations.

With products for the agricultural, food and other industries, Juran provides turnkey projects throughout the world, all following a meticulous set of stages to ensure best results:

  • Initial planning based on customer needs
  • Engineered planning and design
  • Technical planning and design
  • Production and final assembly
  • Run-in
  • Follow-up customer support

The Juran team is on site to ensure the smooth operation of its installations, providing guidance and instruction in the operation and maintenance of their equipment.

Whether in the field or packing house, for food treatment or industrial water recycling, Juran offers products that enhance productivity.

Juran Technologies

23 Shmotkin Street,

Rishon Lezion,

ISRAEL 7536326

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