Growing awareness of the amazing health benefits of the pomegranate, together with increased consumer demand for health foods and fresh-cut products has made the pomegranate aril, the fruit’s juicy seed, a prime candidate to meet these market needs. Now, Juran has introduced an efficient, hygienic and cost-effective automated system for rapidly extracting pomegranate arils at commercial quantities.

Whereas previously a worker could extract the arils of 25kg of pomegranates during an 8 hour shift, today ArilSystem can handle 600-1800kg of pomegranates – depending on fruit size and system model – in just one hour!

Manpower is drastically reduced, requiring just 2-4 workers. The arils are untouched by human hands making them hygienic and significantly extending their shelf-life. Finally, ArilSystem separates out all other fruit material – peel and all inner membranes – producing a pure clean batch of arils. This is particularly important for the beverage industry since the tannins in the fruit membranes add a bitter taste to the juice. Pomegranate juice produced from ArilSystem has a far pleasanter taste and a decided competitive edge.

ArilSystem Juicers are also available, from industrial quantity juicers, to attractive counter-top juicers for restaurants and hotels.

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