World’s most widely used Single Conveyor Dryer

Juran’s Single Conveyor Dryer is the world’s most widely used continuous dryer for the food industry. Based on years of Juran experience and know-how, it is based on a system of alternating air circulation, product cooling and feeding systems, using multi-zone temperatures for maximum efficiency at every stage in the heating/drying process.

Juran Multi-Stage Single Conveyor Dryer – Efficiently uniform drying

Designed to handle products previously difficult to dry by ordinary techniques, the Juran Multi-Stage Single Conveyor Dryer consists of a single machine incorporating separate drying conveyors and temperature controlled zones to meet a variety of loading, drying times, temperature and humidity needs. It minimizes produce sticking, and achieves optimal uniformity of the final dried product.

Juran Multiple Conveyor Dryer – Maximum drying in a minimum space

This dryer is designed to be ideal for products that do not require temperature zoning, but do require long drying times. Offering a relatively small footprint, this dryer also allows maximum turnover as products are transferred from one conveyor to the next. This drier is ideally suited for cereals, and other prepared foods that require gentle, slow drying at low temperatures.

Juran Multi-Purpose Dehydrators

Widely used in the food industry, Juran Dehydrators offer a perfect solution for dehydrating and drying a variety of vegetables and fruits such as carrots (sliced, diced), peppers (red, green, and chilli), onions (rings, sliced, diced), apples (sliced, diced, wedges), garlic, leeks, potatoes (sliced, diced) chips, French fries, celery, paprika, spinach, raisins, and more.

Optional system add-ons:

To help prepare produce before its entry into the Heat Processing Equipment, JURAN designs, produces and supplies equipment for receiving, washing, de-stoning, grading, blanching, peeling, cutting, and more.

In addition, JURAN offers a complete line of ovens, dryers and roasters for the food processing industry, for applications including:

Dry foods such as breakfast cereals, snacks, pet foods, and so on.

Quality baking of cookies, crackers, cereals, etc.

Ground nuts such as peanuts, almonds, cashews and many other nut products.