Food Industry

Juran has been quietly revolutionizing the food industry. With its Fresh Defrost™ new freezing system, it has introduced the first real breakthrough in food freezing in decades, allowing the freezing of fruit and berries in a way that when thawed out, the fruit is almost indistinguishable from fresh picked produce. It has introduced the first […]

Cleaning System

Juran’s Hot Water Treatment for Cleaning Fruit & Vegetables is an innovative system that rids the produce of infectious bacterial, fungi, dirt and insecticide residues, greatly increasing the shelf-life of the produce. Based on a hot water rinse, the procedure maintains the quality of the produce without introducing unnecessary chemicals. Since quality regulations demand that […]


separator 1

A flagship product, the Juran Separator separates agricultural produce from unwanted spurious material – and does so at superior levels of efficiency. Flexibility of design makes the system suitable for handling a wide range of produce including potatoes, onions, flower bulbs, and tomatoes, as well as citrus destined for the canning industry. The Separator achieves […]

Handling & Sorting


The Hex-Air Management System streamlines the procedures of sorting, counting and packing. Thanks to its Bulb Management technology, it is uniquely capable of handling asymmetrical as well as symmetrical flower bulbs, and is equally suitable for strawberry plants, leaves, shoots and cactus leaves. Based on a microprocessor, keyboard and display, an electronic scale and pneumatic […]

Heat Processing Equipment: Dehydrators, Ovens & Dryers


World’s most widely used Single Conveyor Dryer Juran’s Single Conveyor Dryer is the world’s most widely used continuous dryer for the food industry. Based on years of Juran experience and know-how, it is based on a system of alternating air circulation, product cooling and feeding systems, using multi-zone temperatures for maximum efficiency at every stage […]

Watermelon Harvester & De-Seeder


Juran has developed a unique system for harvesting watermelon seeds. The system consists of a Rake which, as it moves through the field, harvests the watermelons, collecting and arranging them into neat compact rows along the length of the field. This enables the watermelon Pick-Up and Thresher to then easily pick up the melons and […]

Litchi Treatment


Juran has developed a surface treatment for litchis that naturally extends the lifetime of the fruit’s attractive color, as well as its shelf-life and market value. This sulfur-free and computerized process, fixes the vivid ruby-red color on the outside of the litchi fruit, while protecting the taste inside. With a typically short market window, litchis […]

Greenhouse Assistants


RobotiCar and IntelliCar are two Juran inventions that lighten the load of work in the greenhouse. These unmanned vehicles travel around the greenhouse along a predetermined path following an invisible buried wire. They are guided by sensors allowing them to navigate independently, even manoeuvring around obstacles, and are capable of performing a range of greenhouse […]

ArilSystem™ – The Innovative Pomegranate Arils Extraction System


Growing awareness of the amazing health benefits of the pomegranate, together with increased consumer demand for health foods and fresh-cut products has made the pomegranate aril, the fruit’s juicy seed, a prime candidate to meet these market needs. Now, Juran has introduced an efficient, hygienic and cost-effective automated system for rapidly extracting pomegranate arils at […]

Thermodiffusion ZincCoating

Juran's innovative thermodiffusion zinc coating system for multicolor protection coatings for steel components.

The process of thermo-diffusion zinc coating provides an effective corrosion protection to different parts, including screwed, made of steel and cast iron, and working in open air, in an industrial and marine atmosphere – in any place where the required thickness of coating is more than 20 microns. The coating is uniform and does not […]